Zoner Anti-Age Trilogy Biostemcell - Radiolift - Mesoporation

Considering the market trends and the needs of men and women in today’s society, the problem of skin aging is increasingly being felt; the focus is not only on the simple mitigation of wrinkles. Antiage treatments for face and body have become a constant request.

Unhealthy diet and lifestyle, lack of physical activity, stress, pollution, etc. .. are the main causes of skin aging.

Today, as a result of a long and careful research made by the Panestetic Technology Laboratories to provide an innovative, user friendly and with the most up-to-dated technology in the market, we are pleased to present ZONER.


Thanks to the three ergonomic applicators designed by Panestetic, you can cover all parts of the body and perform several treatments. The shape of the applicator allows the operator to have a secure grip, without effort and it favors the maneuvers on the skin for a total pleasure. At the same time, the innovative design allows the operator to perform the specific protocol of the Zoner easily and to get access to areas difficult to reach. The treatment, comfortable and safe, creates a relaxing atmosphere for the patient and the operator. Obviously Made in Italy.

The ideal answer for your needs

  • Visible results
  • Pleasant and painless treatments
  • Unique and exclusive protocol
  • Treatments for face, neck and body in the same platform
  • Easy to use and to learn how to use it properly
  • Made in Italy