Short Wave Diathermy

This method is also known as Thermolysis, High Frequency, Radio Frequency (R.F). Short Wave Diathermy uses an alternating current. Alternating current oscillates by moving backwards and forwards between poles at 3 to 30 million cycles per second. Application of an alternating current to salts and moisture within the tissue leads to friction, which results in temporary release of energy in the form of heat. This heat does not heat up the needle but it does affect the moisture at the base of the hair follicle, therefore moisture must be present in order for the current to be effective. The heat produced develops a tear drop shape beginning at the tip of the needle and moving upwards and outwards. This is known as the heating field. Its’ effects causes coagulation of the blood supply to the dermal papilla thus inhibiting and then finally halting the hair growth and removal of lesions.