Laser Pro Laser Treatment With Keratin Microspheres

The first hair loss professional treatment combining the most advanced Laser Technology together with the SAF100PRO™ multivitamin hair complex with keratin microspheres, specifically formulated to fight hair loss and strengthen its regeneration.

Last generation laser therapy.

Scientific studies have demonstrated that laser phototherapy increases scalp blood circulation and its cellular metabolism, which is crucial for healthy and strong follicles.

The treatment works all over the scalp from the roots to the ends as cells develop with light and supply nutrients and vitamins to the skin tissues.

This biostimulation process is reinforced by the SAF100PRO™hair multivitamin concentrate to promote thicker, stronger and healthier looking hair

Visible results in 10-14 weeks.

Laser phototherapy creates an increase in scalp blood circulation and its cellular metabolism. This is crucial for healthy and strong follicles since higher blood ows allow follicles to absorb higher levels of nutrients while getting rid of harmful waste elements. This very convenient treatment, easy to apply, is a proven method, non
invasive and without side effects. 90% of the users notice thicker hair and increased hair density. It increases blood supply to the scalp by 55% after one treatment and stops hair loss progression in 87% of the cases. It stimulates the growth of new hair stalks in areas where hair has not completely disappeared.