Anti Aging Total Repair

Natural extracts blend (jojoba, avocado, carrot, rose hip, argan) that restores and revitalises damaged & aged hairs over the years due to stress, atmospheric elements or the excessive use of products, irons and dryers. Stimulates hair growth and is an excellent hair sunscreen.

Direction for Use

Apply 1-2 drops on lengths and ends. (Daily use). Before washing: nourishes and instantly regenerates dry damaged scalp and hair. During washing: mixed with shampoo for more hair flexibility and moisture. After washing: (without rinsing). On wet hair: detangles and optimizes brushing. On dry hair: as a finishing touch to prevent frizz and provide gloss and body


Jojoba, Avocado, Rose Hip, Argan, Carrot, A, C, E & D Vitamins